Why should you NerdFace?

We do MORE than design. We will work with your company to create a brand... not just a name.

Graphic Design

Need a brochure? A flyer? Maybe just a factsheet and some stickers for an upcoming trade show. We'll give you a deliverable timeline to make sure you have everything you need.

Video Production

Today you need video. Need to speak to a customer base? They aren't going to read. It's just a fact. You probably aren't reading this, but you'll watch a video. We'll make it for you.

Website Creation

NerdFace is about UX. Graphics, Video & Website Design. From start to finish you'll have all the pieces to show everyone how awesome your products are (and they ARE AWESOME). Trust us, we're Nerds.

NerdFace | Creativity

Let's be serious. We are all nerdy about something. Let's nerd out about your business.

We will get nerdy with your business

We will get nerdy with your business

At NerdFace we know it's about the details

We will sit down with your work, see what you like and what you don't. Do you know your direction? We'll help you find it. It's not just about knowing what you want, but knowing what it's going to take. We'll help you find the map and nudge you in the right direction.
Business branding (Style guide creation, slogan and logo designs)
Marketing material creation (Print brochures, business cards, factsheets, and slicks)
Video creation (Shooting, editing, and promotion)
Website design (Match your electronic presence to your in person presence)

We are NerdFace

Scott Daniel Lysz

Scott Daniel Lysz

Creative Nerd

Renaissance Designer | Video Editor | Linus Tech Tip Follower

Tammy Pereira

Tammy Pereira

Website Nerd

Website Designer | Digital Marketer | Jeopardy Watcher

Ed McPhee

Ed McPhee

Marketing Nerd

Wordsmith | SEO Genius | StarWars Collector

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